DAVID RICE is currently the Managing Director of The Development Dividend Group,
a consulting firm advising investors and corporations in the US and Europe on how
to invest in emerging markets to maximize shared value between profit and prosperity. As part of this role, he spent five months traveling through eight countries and southern and eastern Africa conducting research for s series of case studies. 

David Rice is the Milken Institute’s Africa advisor and a professor at New York University, where he teaches about and conducts research on the impact of private capital investment on economic and social development in frontier markets. He is a contributing writer for Fortune magazine on issues related to business and investment in Africa. Rice is also the senior managing director of Development Equity Partners, a consulting firm advising investors and corporations on how to invest in emerging markets to maximize both profit and regional prosperity. 

Previously, Rice served as executive director of NYU’s Development Research Institute, where he worked alongside global development economist William Easterly. Rice has conducted field research and consulting projects throughout Africa and in other developing regions. He obtained a master’s degree from Harvard University. David’s previous roles include serving as Managing Director of Development Equity Partners and co- founding the Micro Equity Development Fund – a “private and social equity fund” making micro investments in small to medium- sized enterprises in emerging markets David lives in New York City.